Green beans with feta cheese, chili and white almond sauce

Green beans with feta and nut sauce Please say aloud: Mmmmmmmmmmandelsoße ... and again ... Mmmmmmmmmandandel sauce ...

Have you got the appetite for this equally simple and gorgeous salad with mmmmmm almondsauce? If not, I'll just postpone the rest of the ingredients that make it immediately addictive in this combination: lemon, chilli, garlic, feta, fresh herbs.

This salad is the greatest thing in the green bean and you can happen after a busy day at work. In 20 minutes, a light dinner with absolutely irresistible aromas on the table. Pleasantly vegetarian, very satisfying, satisfying and happy.

Actually, the salad is designed as a side dish - but I think it deserves a starring role on the plate. With a piece of toasted bread left nothing to be desired ...

And here comes the recipe for green beans with feta, chilli and white almond sauce - for 2 people:

Flake the fluffy interior of 1 roll , place in a small bowl and pour 4 tablespoons milk over it. Let it soak and continue with the beans in the meantime:

500-600 g of green beans wash and turn off the small ends on the beans. Cook in a pot of salted water in about 10 minutes, the beans should be still in a bit of "bite" and not wobble totally flabby around the area. Just fish a bean out of the pot, try it and if it is too firm, maybe cook it again for a minute. Then strain into a sieve, quench with cold water and drain.

While the beans are cooking, soak the bread with 50g shelled almonds , 1 large garlic clove , 1/2 teaspoon salt , 1 strong dash of black pepper , juice 1/2 lemon and 75 ml olive oil in a tall mug. Do not work too hard with a blender - it should be easy to feel an almond piece. The sauce can be diluted with water to taste. I really liked it as a thick paste.

Put the drained beans on a nice plate or plate. Rub the skin of 1/2 lemon and squeeze out the juice. Sprinkle the beans with the lemon juice and 3 tablespoons olive oil . Crumble 150 g of feta ​​strong> (made from sheep's milk) over the beans.

Cut 1 chilli lengthways, remove the seeds and finely chop the chili. 2 tablespoons herbs (parsley, mint, coriander) finely cut. Sprinkle chili, herbs and lemon peel over the salad and sprinkle half of the almond sauce over it in blots. The rest of the sauce should be served separately from the salad.

Green beans with feta cheese, chili and white almond sauce

And all together: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmandandel sauce ...

Is there really something left over from the salad and almond sauce? From there to the tupper box and the next day, you can quickly make a delicious lunch in the office:

Cold lunch: Mix the bean salad with a ready-to-eat bag Salad from the supermarket and garnish with the almond sauce and nuts to taste.

Hot lunch: Fresh pasta from the supermarket has a very short cooking time.