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In my native Thailand we enjoy eating perhaps more than any other people in the world. To us, the meal is a celebration.

At the end of every day, we prepare our big meal. Rice is an important part of the meal, served along with other colorful dishes.

If this is your first experience in a Thai Restaurant, we recommend one of our mouth watering appetizers, refreshing soups and scrumptious entrees that we have especially selected for you in this menu. This will give you a good sampling of the different types of Thai dishes.

For our vegetarian diners, we have many delightful selections for you as well. Please ask for additional recommendations from our caring staff. 
Please come back again. and "khop khun" -Thank you very much!We are proud to offer the freshest ingredients, 
finest quality and friendliest service.
Please ask about our catering services and party trays
to provide you with the very best, 
all of our food is cooked to order.



Bow B.

The food taste very good, very Thai style.  But I have to wait so long like an hour. Service is not good. I give four because the taste of foods.


Vanessa C.

Worst food ever! Thai food is one of my favs and this place absolutely killed it(in a bad way)! We read the reviews and besides the customer service being bad, there were mixed reviews of the food. Since we were in the area and I wanted Thai food AND was super hungry, we decided to try it out. The saying goes you're not you when your hungry- and that was def true for me when I chose to give this spot a try! Let me start with the plain white rice- an Asian staple. It wasn't steaming, sticky, or soft- in other words, it wasn't fresh! It was hard, falling apart, and the temperature varied through out the tiny bowl. Seems as if it was from the day before and heated up in the microwave- gross!! The rice came with my order of angel wings, which is one of their "specialties." Again, worst angel wings I've had. The stuffing was salty & dry and the thick batter was super oily- not crispy at all. The two star is for the pad see ew that my husband ordered, which was alright! Learned my lesson with giving restaurants like this one a try- never again! And next time, I'll let my husband chose a restaurant!


Ash D.

FYI, this is a review of my experience, and not the food itself, because I never received my order:It was surreal, like one of those sitcom premises you'd think probably wouldn't actually happen. In the end, I was humming the them to Curb Your Enthusiasm on my way back to the car.Long story slightly shorter, I made a phone order for Pad Thai and went in 15 minutes later to pick it up. That's how long they said it would take. Walked in around 7PM, stood right in front of the register where the waitresses congregated. No exaggeration, I was ignored to the point that it got pretty awkward, even with others who were waiting. I eventually tapped the dude to my right, and jokingly asked him if he could see me. He chuckled, I think it was genuine.I finally cornered the most approachable server and (politely, I swear) asked about my order: "Hold on let me check...ready shortly...ready soon." This happened 4 times in like forty minutes. I don't know why I waited as long as I did. They just kept stringing me along, and the time kept adding up. From what I eventually gathered, because their kitchen is in full view of the stools by the register, they kept switching my order slip with bigger orders in a queue pinned above the food prep area.I'm not exaggerating when I say the staff just kept slinking by (cramped area), only acknowledging me when I would build up the nerve to again ask about the order. Meanwhile, people with larger orders came in well after me, and left with their food before I eventually just gave up.I finally did what I should've done after the first ten minutes, and quietly walked out. They had my number, because that's how they identified phone orders, but I never received a call letting me know the food was ready. Maybe they saw me leave, and ripped up the order ticket.I can't rate the food, because I never got the chance. I thought my experience was just a bad night for the restaurant, but reading the other reviews here it sounds like a common occurrence. That's not cool, man.


Aman K.

These people are so rude no wonder why people always give no two fcks for these people. So I went in there to pick up an order, lady in the front was eating her lunch/dinner. I ask her if my order was ready and there you go it was already to go for me. But when I apologize to her for stopping in the middle of her food to hand me my order even though I didn't had to apologize but as a common curtesy I was being very nice and polite and thank her for handing my food. This lady just sat there and looked at me, she did not greet me. First thing that came out of her mouth was " what do you want" lol So rude and disrespectful, can't give a smile and show that your welcome or greet or anything of those lines. This place is always empty and now I can see why. First time at this place and last. These people have zero experience with customers, you can't keep or have new customers if you have no respect or have a friendly smile. I give one star for having food ready, but the rest of the 4 stars she doesn't deserve.


K A.

Was here last night not knowing they're almost closing anyway this lady still let us in & informed us that the kitchen is closing but we can still order.  So we hurried up, chose & ordered ASAP after ordering this owner/lady started bitching while she was in the cashier about our order.  And  the whole time she was serving us she was making side comments & bitching.  Our order wasn't extraordinary but is in their menu!  I was thinking if you're closed you can just let us know instead of taking us in & bitch about it the whole time & making your service awful!


Cece E.

Mom was with me for dinner so couldn't get anything spicy. The staff was very accommodating. Ordered one of my favorites, seafood spicy spaghetti. Without the spice, they call it chow mein with seafood. Also got my mom's favorite crispy duck. Tasty even without the heat.


Carissa C.

Meh. I'm not one to write bad reviews and I feel bad for doing it, but I'm here for honesty (and for future me to remember LOL) Maybe the food is different if it's a lunch special or you're eating it there, but I Chicken Fried Rice and my boyfriend got Pad Thai and neither of us were impressed. I get chicken fried rice from every Thai place I go to at least once and wow, this one was tomato-y and oily. I mean if you like tomato then go for it! But the chicken in the rice was really dry as well. My boyfriend said the Pad Thai was only okay. We both agreed we've had better Thai food. Even ordering to go wasn't that quick. Maybe it would be different if we got a curry or a meat dish? We shall see...


Desi B.

Great lunch special with curry, rice, salad, and a chicken satay skewer for about .


OliveR A.

Food is still the best in the Tri-valley. While other Thai places nearby might have better service their food doesn't compare. Having spent time in Thailand, this is as close as it gets. Ignore the bad reviews they are all about the service. It's not rude but just a bit slow.


Maiv Hawj T.

If I can give it a zero but since yelp doesn't have that I'll leave it a 1. Service was bad. We made our order but different dish, which we have never ordered. Not trying to be mean but this place is deserve a zero. Food was not that good but okay. First time here and will be the last time.


Jaclyn M.

This has happened twice now over the course of six months, so I feel compelled to write this.I always order a lunch special, which includes chicken, vegetables, or tofu. Last time I wanted shrimp, which the menu states is extra. When the bill came, I'd been charged extra. I point this out to the waitress, who tries to argue with me that I've only been charged extra. After going back and forth for awhile, she finally goes away (perhaps to check my math on a calculator?) and comes back, agreeing that it is indeed more. She simply shrugs and says that prices have gone up.Fast forward to today, approximately six months later, and I'm charged extra for seafood instead of the that is listed. (And yes, the shrimp still says extra instead of ). This time the waitress at least starts getting flushed when I point out that I'm being charged extra, but just says, "Um, I think the prices increased."Ok, I can afford an extra . But please at least update your damn menu, if you're going to refuse to honor what it says. It's been at least six months.The food is fine, but this constantly leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Kate N.

I called for takeout on a lunch weekend, order was taken nicely. Upon arriving it was empty as it could be and I stood there for 10 mins trying to get someone's attention - which, btw, she was a good foot in front of me purposely ignoring me. My order wasn't ready yet so I checked out and signed the bill. My order was the only Togo order there - she let t sit for at least 5 mins before handing it to me. Oh, I mean rudely tossing it at me.No thank you, no acknowledgment of a customer what so ever.Papaya salad was warm. Roti was oily - my family thought it was unbearable. Yellow curry was salty. And the bbq chicken was very over cooked and burnt. Anyways. Given it's one of few Thai places in the area, I wanted to try it out badly and I'm in regret. Our meal came out to for 2 people--. Wow that's high for a lunch special, papaya salad, and an app.


Buckley R.

The food is below average. One plate was delivered and we waited for the other plate for 9 minutes. They likely never rang up the order. I had to ask, then 5 minutes later, out second plate appeared. Wouldn't recommend, won't go back.


Elaine S.

Bangkok 101 crunchy chicken salad -I ordered this as a to-go order once for lunch. It was very tasty and chicken was still crunchy for being stuff in to-go box! The second time I ordered this as a dinner to-go order, there was barely any chicken. There were a lot of wonton strips/ small pieces to use as a cover-up to look like crunchy chicken. I ordered this for a late dinner (30mins-1hr) before they close, so I think maybe they ran out of chicken for the day. I have been here for 10+ times (dine in/take-out), and this was first time that I have been disappointed. Also, this salad comes with a "sesame dressing", do not pour it all in, pour a little first to taste, because it is very salty. I ended up using less than 25% of the portion that was provided.Roti- Flatbread served with yellow curry sauce and cucumber saladI ordered this as a to-go order. Though I didn't eat it upon the time it freshly came out, this was still delicious, love how doughy it was, and it really complements with the yellow curry dip. However, it was super oily. The cucumber salad comes in a 1-2 oz cup, expect a very small portion of diced seasoned cucumber with vinegar, it does taste refreshing.


Richard S.

Absolute garbage instead of cabbage they used iceberg lettuce and instead of rice noodles they used fettuccine this is the second time this is happened I hate leaving these reviews but this is just simple nonsense


Terri E.

I come here about once a week to get the Kao soi chicken which is basically a curry noodle soup. Out of all the curry noodle soups I have tried Bangkok 101's version is my favorite. They also have a very good peanut sauce. The servers are very nice, not the most attentive but it's a small enough restaurant that it's easy to get their attention of needed. It's been a year since my last review and I still come to this place as often as I can. I recently moved away from the area to attend school and Bangkok 101 is often my first stop when I come home to visit. I still get the kao soi chicken, it's very consistent and always delicious. I also occasionally get their fresh spring rolls subbing the peanut sauce for what normally come with it. Overall I love this place, 5/5 stars!


Ashley M.

Why this place doesn't have five stars, I do not know! All of their ingredients are so fresh and the meals are made with care. When my husband and I moved here we were wanting to find our next favorite Thai spot and Bangkok has left quite the impression. They are always great with requests and substitutions and although I've only ever ordered take out or DoorDashed from the restaurant, it is always consistently delicious. I love the papaya salad with the lime dressing, the Thai basil rice and the yellow curry is amazing!


Bubble W.

Bad the first time and the second time.  Also the prices keep going up.The food has no flavor and is just wet or greasy.The service is also the worst, we have to remind them to provide service.There are better thai places...


Eugene T.

WAS good but lately turned to disgusting. Like give you stomachache and makes you want to throw up. I'm not even talking any kind of culinary delights but dimple health hazard.Sad to see previously good place take such drastic turn for the worse but it evidently did. Sad :(Avoid at all costs!!!


Kerrie C.

The food takes a while and is decent, however the "service" put the poor taste in my mouth. I have given this place a third chance now and guess what? 3 strikes and you are out!The woman who seated and  "served" me didn't crack a friendly expression once, nor does she seem like she wants to be there. I'm not sure if this was the same server I had on my previous visit a few months back who also was rude.It's unfortunate, because (once it arrives) the food is good.Parking is easy- it's in a strip mall. (no main street dining area in Dublin)

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About Bangkok 101 and reviews
About Bangkok 101 and reviews
About Bangkok 101 and reviews
About Bangkok 101 and reviews
About Bangkok 101 and reviews