Mediterranean bread salad from the plastic bag ... um ... from the tin

Friday night. I just arrived home when it rings. I open the door. In front of it, the child stands and pulls violently at a white something, which is clamped on the luggage carrier of its Captain Sharky bicycle. Hm. Apparently booty.

"Honey darling, what are you doing there?" - "Hello mom, I brought that. That's for US! "Finally, the white thing gives in and I see that it is a plastic bag with indefinable content. Dedicated he stretches out the bundle to me. I look suspiciously at the 20 cm in front of my face dangling souvenir. Now I can suddenly see that the plastic bag was actually designed for a trash can and knotted together expertly. He can not yet get professional knots. Oh my goodness! He will not ...? From the garbage cans of the big city ...? Or from a shrubbery in the dog park ...? I take a big step back.

"Come with mom, I'll show you," he says and jumps into the kitchen. Thud! Before I know it, the mysterious bag is on my kitchen table. I jump after it.

"Just pick it up, Mom. That's from the kindergarten. They wanted to throw that away - and that's not possible. You can not throw away all that beauty. That would be a waste, ne. That's why I brought this to us. For breakfast tomorrow. "

I tear open the pouch carefully and stare at the contents: Very dry, but otherwise impeccable pieces of bread from the daycare breakfast. "Are you happy?" Asks the best son of all and when I nod with emotion, he jumps contentedly into the living room. "Well, we'll have it tomorrow. I'm going to play ". My son is now developing a sense of sustainable business - who would have thought that?

By the way, on Saturday we had delicious, resource-saving bread salad ... from our own rescue.

For bread salad I tear up stale bread into pieces and roast it with some vegetables , Herbs to taste and a dash of olive oil on a baking sheet in the oven.

When the bread is nicely browned and the vegetables are soft, everything comes in a large bowl. Ripe tomatoes and spring onions provide juiciness and freshness. It's best to let the salad run through for a while, then the aromas mix and the bread soaks up the vegetable tomato juice.

Big hungry? Then a medium fried steak makes great for bread salad. Cut the meat into thin slices and sprinkle with sea salt to the salad.

And this is how it works for a bowl:

Dry baguette, Roughly squeeze buns or ciabatta ​​strong>.
1 - 2 red or yellow peppers , 4 sticks celery and 1 large onion cut into not too fine pieces and place together with the bread on a sheet. 4 garlic cloves peel, slice and spread on the plate. Season with salt, pepper and Mediterranean herbs to taste. Finally, give 1 dash of olive oil over bread and vegetables. Mix once and at 170 degrees approx.Mix with the vegetables in the bowl. Season with 40 ml red wine vinegar and possibly a little more salt and pepper. It's best to let the finished salad through a bit.

Hint: Tastes great after a night in the fridge!

GourmetGuerilla - Mediterranean Bread Salad from the Tin