An active rabbi and spinach salad with baby eggplant and sesame dressing

We live in Hamburg in direct neighborhood to one of the traditional ones Jewish quarter: today's university district around the Grindelhof around. In the 19th century, the Grindelviertel developed into the center of the Jewish communities in Hamburg - up to the Reichsprogrom after 1938. Today not only many of the stumbling blocks in the sidewalks, but also the undeveloped space of the destroyed Bornplatz synagogue and the square remind us of the ensuing horrible crimes the Jewish deportees on the Moorweidenstraße.

Nevertheless, the Grindelviertel has once again become a living center of the Jews living in Hamburg. In recent years, one encounters the Jewish community more and more in the everyday life of the district. The former Talmud Torah school was returned to its original purpose in 2007 and is now the district school Josef Carlebach. Meanwhile, there is also a kosher café with literary circles, a small kosher food store, and on Friday we often see Orthodox Jews with their families in front of the community center next door.

All this is not least due to the particularly active Rabbi of Shlomo Bistritzky, who is very committed to the integration of Jewish life in his district. One of his latest coups: He's looking for supermarket managers and convinces them to include kosher food in the range. And not in a kosher special display, but in the normal shelves between all the other foods.

So it comes that I recently thanks rabbi Bistritzky and an open-minded market leader many unknown and exciting products in the supermarket Find a corner. My total favorite is a delicious kosher yoghurt that actually consists only of yoghurt and fruits and does not require any added sugar or sweetener. Unfortunately, the yoghurt was taken out of the assortment, because the demand was too low - schaaaaaade! I would always buy yoghurt with no added sugar !!!

For that I found but last week in the mayonnaise shelf these exciting products that had to go home immediately: a can of bright red baby eggplant in Lake and Tahini made from peeled, roasted sesame. Great! With Baby Spinach, which I also had in the shopping cart, it can certainly be an unusual small salad ...

Tadaaaa ... please, the result: Very slightly sour, bright red egg rabbits with a subtle garlic flavor meet with a spicy sesame dressing for an orgy on young leafy vegetables.

And this is how it works for 1 Person:

1 - 2 Handful of Baby Spinach vors Wash in a bowl with water and spin dry. Pat 5 pickled baby aubergines on kitchen paper, dab dry from all sides, then halve lengthways. Heat 1 sip of olive oil in a pan and sauté the aubergines with 1 peeled garlic clove .Season with 1 pinch of chili . If the dressing is too firm, just stir in some more milk.

Serve the salad in a bowl, top with the baby eggplant and drizzle with the dressing. With some very finely chopped onions and a few crumbs of good salt (eg fig salt - that makes itself visually very beautiful) sprinkle.

TIP: You can also try your luck with the baby aubergines at the Turkish greengrocer. If you do not get one, just use a small normal aubergine, cut into small cubes and fry them with a small dash of red vinegar and garlic.